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Ryan’s Playlist III – Favorite Cover Songs

In Rate My Playlist on August 23, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Well after an extremely humbling (and undeserved) defeat in week 2, I am ambitious to switch things up for this week.  Gone are the days of sappy love ballads and crowd pleasers…this weeks theme is our favorite cover songs!  I didn’t really have any focus coming in to this week but I knew there was a few amazing songs that I wanted to include (Dead Flowers, Tyrone, Don’t Look Back) and some cool bands and artists (Fishbone, Peter Tosh, MIA).

In the end, what you get is everything from heroine rock (who doesn’t love the Big Lebowski?) to party anthems (Jump on It) to one of the best Queen covers of all time…in all it’s angry glory.  If Paul Anka isn’t your cup of tea or you are easily offended by Nirvana covers, don’t skip to the end because My Morning Jacket’s cover at the end of it all is a real treat.  Enjoy…or don’t, I’m just here for the free food!

Free mp3:  Ryan’s Favorite Cover Songs

1. Dead Flowers – Townes van Zandt (Rolling Stones)

2. Hard to Handle – Black Crowes (Otis Redding) 4:44

3. Scarlet Begonias – Sublime (Grateful Dead)  7:51

4. $20 – MIA (Pixies) 11:22

5. Shakey Ground – Fishbone (Temptations) 15:42

6. Stone Cold Crazy – Metallica (Queen) 19:17

7. Jump on it! – Sir Mix-a-lot (Sugarhill Gang) 21:39

8. Don’t Look Back – Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger (Temptations) 26:45

9. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Paul Anka (Nirvana) 30:21

10. Tyrone – My Morning Jacket (Erykah Badu) 33:05

  1. i can’t help but notice the omission of britney spears cover of satisfaction (rolling stones.) blasphemy!

  2. I love that you included Jump On It! Reminds me of awkwardly shaking my ass as a frosh leader in front of a bunch of unenthusiastic 18 yr olds trying to instill some form of school spirit. Wow, that feels creepy just writing that. Now imagine how it felt! And can I say, I love the big band version of Teen Spirit!? Bold move, Anka, but it works. And because I feel it’s only fair to share some of my picks after judging yours…
    – Katy Perry doing Black & Gold (Sam Sparro)- really good, especially since it came from the person behind Poker Face…
    – Jessica Lea Mayfield’s Words of Love (Buddy Holly)
    – Cat Power’s Sea of Love (Phil Phillips) – corny cute because of its affiliation with Juno, but dammit I don’t care.
    – Arnold McCuller and Paul Giamatti (yes the actor) doing Try A Little Tenderness (Otis Redding) – amazing and implausibly better than the original! Watch the film Duets about karaoke for a few other good covers.

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