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Ryan’s Playlist II – Alternative First Dance Songs

In Rate My Playlist on July 28, 2009 at 8:19 pm

Well, as wedding season has  sprung within my family and friends, Justin and I have decided to go with the theme of the summer and offer up a special little treat.  Everyone who has been to a wedding can attest that the “first dance” between Man and Wife is both cheesy and awkward for all party attendees. Instead of bringing presents or money to celebrate your specialist of days, this is for you…alternative options to Josh Groban or Eric Clapton for your first dances.  We’re not saying any of you have to use these songs…but it would sure make our day a little more special.

Free mp3:  Ryan’s Alternative First Dance Songs

1. Islands in the Stream – Kenny & Dolly (0:00)

2. Burning Love – Elvis Presley (4:07)

3. I’ll Be Your Man – The Black Keys (6:59)

4. Paris 2004 – Peter, Bjorn and John (9:17)

5. In The Cold, Cold Night – The White Stripes (13:06)

6. Rock Your Baby – Georce McCrae (16:04)

7. In Spite of Ourselves – John Prine & Iris Dement (19:25)

8. This Modern Love – Bloc Party (22:56)

9. Heart – Stars (27:23)

10. Family Tree – TV on the Radio (33:22)

  1. comment, just thought i would leave one for you buddy.

    • I’m putting shitty music on all of our playlists from now on. I am seriously in shock that you are beating me. Randy Travis and Sarah Mclaughlin? Hell, you didn’t even know that Joy Division sang that song AND it doesn’t even fit into the set theme. What a joke.

  2. Dude, I knew they sang that song. I put New Order down by accident, then changed it. Was that you who text messaged me at 12:50am calling me a sell-out. Don’t take it so personally, guy!

  3. Love Rock Your Baby haha, makes me think of the 70s in a good way (unlike Islands in the Stream, which makes me think retro in a bad way… and Burning Love, which just makes me think of sexually transmitted infections; needless to say, chlamydia is not what I want to be thinking about during a first dance)
    In Spite of Ourselves is adorable. I love it. Iris Dement is even cooler than I previously thought.

  4. John Prime and Iris Dement is the best. There are some other good selections here http://www.greatweddingsongs.net

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